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Screaming Meanie 110 Extremely Loud Alarm Timer

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This timer deserves its name. The Screaming Meanie will get your attention.

Even if you are hard of hearing. Even if you're way across the house. Or sleeping like the dead. The alarm is wickedly loud. The sound of the Screaming Meanie has been compared to a smoke detector going off - only louder.


Yup, it screams. 110 decibels of scream. So don't worry about missing your meds or not waking up because you don't hear this timer's alarm. Unlikely. You may even be glad there is a low setting that throttles the volume down to that of a standard alarm (70 decibels).


The timer is also diabolically mean. You can't just push a button to silence the Screaming Meanie. Pressing the Key button will buy you temporary peace when the 10 minute and the 5 minute pre-alarms go off. When times up, though, and the final alarm sounds, only one thing will turn it off: you have to simultaneously press the Key button and the HR and MIN buttons. Until you do, the alarm keeps sounding (loudly)! Accomplishing this takes two hands. And just try this feat while you're half asleep or inattentive!


Obviously, the Screaming Meanie is no namby-pamby timer. We're talking muscular...serious...awesome sound. Combined with insidiously clever design. The Screaming Meanie 110 counts down the time.


The Meanie 110 is not an alarm clock. It has no clock and can not be set to repeat day after day (It's big brother, the Screaming Meanie 220 does have a clock). Instead it functions strictly as a countdown timer, where you select hours and minutes, and you're done. Operation is simple and straightforward. The Screaming Meanie 110 can also work as a panic alarm. A portable timer is handy when you're out and about, and the Screaming Meanie 110 is small and lightweight, perfect to take along.


As a bonus, should you ever feel threatened, just push the Key button twice in rapid succession to set off the continuous personal panic-alarm. Turning off the alarm requires the three button method mentioned above - a process likely to foil any clueless would-be attacker. While they wrestle with this shrill distraction, the alarm is alerting others to your need for help. The Screaming Meanie 110 is one tough little timer.


This Screaming Meanie has a solid feel and well thought out design. Night time viewing is easy, thanks to a backlit screen. There is a handy built-in battery tester. Directions are clear and presented in quick-reference format.

The timer is: battery powered (9v battery sold separately),

lightweight (just 3.4 ounces excluding battery, 5.1 ounces with the battery installed),

and compact (only 5.25 X. 2.38 X .875 inches).

Which is the right Meanie for you? The Screaming Meanie 110 has a big brother - the Screaming Meanie 220. Generally speaking, the 110 has fewer features, is somewhat easier to use, and less expensive. Price: The 110 costs less than the 220. If it will do the job, you can save some money. Even with these differences, the similarities between the two siblings outweigh their differences. Both look and work similarly, and both are really loud. The Screaming Meanie 110 comes in black, yellow, or green (rumor has it that the bright colors make the Meanie easier to find in the dark - and you will want to find it quickly). Whatever color Screaming Meanie you get, though, be forewarned that your timer will live up to its name!

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Screaming Meanie
5.5.25"L X. 2.38"W X .875"D inches

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