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Divorce: God's Will? The Truth of Divorce and Remarriage in the Bible for Christians

Divorce: God's Will? The Truth of Divorce and Remarriage in the Bible for Christians

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God Himself is fed-up with His church condemning those who have had a divorce and married again, and those who may need a divorce and will remarry. Looking for the TRUTH concerning a christian marriage, divorce and being married again as taught in the Bible? It's in the book Divorce: God's Will? The Truth of Divorce and Remarriage in the Bible for Christians.



YOU can be FINALLY FREE: From the guilt of divorce or from the guilt of being married again after a divorce, TODAY!


In two hours of reading you can be freed from a lifetime of bondage! START NOW!


  • You NO LONGER have to struggle with the condemnation of guilt from a divorce or being married again. Divorce was never a sin in itself—ever!
  • You NO LONGER have to wonder if the decision to divorce is right or wrong—you will have the Knowledge of the Truth and the Holy Spirit Himself will guide you.
  • You NO LONGER have to stay single because you have been through a divorce. God wants the guilt to be FULLY cleared from your heart and for you to know what the Scriptures truly have to say about you being married again.
  • You NO LONGER have to feel far away from God and feel that He is punishing you because of a divorce or being married again. You will find out that your heavenly Father absolutely loves you and He has specifically send this book and website to confirm His love to you.
  • You NO LONGER have to forfeit your ministry and the calling of God upon your life. God wants you back in His Army and to fully carry-out and fulfill His will for your life.
  • We DO NOT consider divorce as an option but only when necessary. Most marriage failures are a direct result of selfishness or ignorance on the part of one or both spouses. Nevertheless, we share these truths about divorce and being married again because they are the TRUTH.
  • View a very small sample of people whose lives have been wonderfully changed: Book Reviews and Testimonies. YOU too can be FINALLY FREE, TODAY!
  • Start your life-changing Bible study on divorce, remarriage and submission NOW!



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May 3, 2013
a new perspective-that God cares more about the people IN the marriage than the marriage. Gave me lots of comfort as to remarriage.

March 4, 2013
This book is a must have for those that feel their choice on divorce was a mistake. Not always God approves a divorce but when He does, it has a purpose for it. It was a life saver for me and the price was just!

February 18, 2013
This answered questions I had about a Christian getting divorced after 29 years. It gave insight as to some of the whys that a Christian has when having to experience a loss as a divorce. It also covers facts on a Christian remarriage. Not that I agree with all the opinions here.. but it gives one thought to questions posed.

January 30, 2013
This book really made you understand the real meaning of divorce in the bible and the confusion people may have on divorce from reading certain verses. With biblical scriptures to back up the authors points was really inspirational. I recommend this book to anyone who is afraid to divorce because of misunderstanding of certain verses in the bible.

October 28, 2013
I really loved the book. It brought freedom from so much bondage. I recommend it to anyone that has struggled with being divorced or getting a divorce.

September 2012
This book is helping me be prepared for my divorce final court date. The Bible study the author walks through is helping me with the grieving and release of my marriage, as well as feel better about my situation.

November 5, 2011
This book has been extremely helpful for me. As a person who was divorces and has remarried (without traditional Biblical reasons, irreconcilable differences) this book has help me to continue to walk with Christ and to not live in guilt over mistakes made in my past forever. A must for those who are interested in what the original Greek and Hebrew translations actually say about divorce. I cross-referenced everything I read with a Greek Bible and dictionary and Gola is accurate in his writings and interpretations so far as I have been able to tell.

October 8, 2011
When did "Thou Shalt Not Divorce" become a commandment? Yet today 90 plus percent of all pastors/bible teachers teach this damaging and erroneous doctrine.

All it takes is a little common sense about a little question?

What is more important to God?

A) Your Marriage to your spouse


B) Your Marriage to the Lord (i.e., your spiritual life)?

Shouldn't these pastors know the difference? Remember that we won't even be given in marriage in Heaven, because that is just an earthly covenant... yet our spiritual marriage is eternal.

Bible Teachers though treat a divorce as if it is equal with Blaspheming the Holy Spirit in severity. It is not! Plus getting married is taught as if it is God's Will once the ceremony is concluded. So let me get this straight.... If God was against you marrying someone prior to the service, how did it all of a sudden become God's will once they have signed the documents? God doesn't work that way. If it wasn't His will prior to getting married, then it still isn't HIS will. Because if that were the case then homosexuals could marry and God would have to sanction it and Pedophiles could marry children and then it would be God's Will. Getting Married doesn't mean anything to God if He is against it from the start. I only use these to illustrate unions that are definitely outside of God's Will). So many of our marriages were not OK with God from the Get Go and He didn't change His mind

I married a woman that told me she was saved and she wasn't. I have spent the last 13 years having to walk on eggshells for fear of constantly offending her. Though we are pulling in an income of more than 5,000 a month, she controls the finances and is running us into the ground (this has been on going since I married her with very few bright spots). My Children and I don't have enough money for decent food or clothing. I can't say how many times I have been cussed out in public (a litany of F words) to which I just shrug and act like I am not bothered. There is so much more I could relate but I won't. I became so despondent over my state, that I gave up praying because I felt like I was being rightfully judged by God and I felt like there was no way He would even listen to me.

I kept sinking lower and lower till I identified with Lot. I believed the words of all the pastors I have listened to over the years and so I felt trapped and broken. Like an animal tied to a spike in the ground. Late July of 2007 my wife and I had just gotten home from a long trip to Texas. I drove the whole way home and without bathroom breaks at all. Once home I was getting the car ready for her to go to a wedding and I slipped on the floor and landed on my arm wrong. My elbow dislocated and instantly started to swell and throb. I had to physically take hold of my lower arm and pop it back into place (all the while I was seeing black and becoming nauseous). I asked to be taken to the doctor, and she insisted that she had to attend that wedding. Guess who won?

I drove with only one hand and it was very hard to do. I asked her to only stay for the ceremony and to quickly come out but she was in there for about 2 to 3 hours. This was the straw that broke the camel's back and I finally saw her for how really selfish she is. I came across Mr. Gola's book around that time and was able to finally throw off the shame and the bondage that she and erroneous bible teaching had placed on me. Around that time she moved out on her own accord to stay close to her rebellious daughter (from a previous marriage whom did not get along well with me. I believe that God paved the way for me to live separately from her by having that teenager of hers move away. And she followed. I haven't yet divorced her yet because all of our finances are tied together and because of the kids. A year or so after reading Stephen Gola's book I listened to the book Boundaries: When to Say YES, When to Say NO, To Take Control of Your Life. That also is a must have book to read after Stephen Gola's book. I started setting my personal boundaries and this enraged her because she was used to pushing me and getting her way. All during this time she kept threatening suicide and the kids would be in the car most of the times when my wife tried to throw herself out of the vehicle while it was going highway speeds. I kept grabbing her and pulling her back in... until I listened to that other book (Boundaries)... then when she threatened I said nothing nor did I try to stop her... and guess what she stopped trying to jump out of moving cars... though she still threatens suicide about 3 - 4 times a month.

I will be getting that long awaited divorce soon and the kids keep asking me how long till it happens because they are upset also.

BTW I figured out myself and got her diagnosed with ADHD and Borderline Personality Disorder. I know various Christian Groups, Pastors or individual believers say that those disorders aren't real but they are. My wife matches almost completely the symptoms for both disorders. And her kids also have these disorders (chemical imbalances) due to the fact that their mother has these disorders (chemical imbalances) and their father (her previous husband) was bipolar and killed himself by hanging.

I do believe that Demonic Spirits set people up to get us entangled with, that will be damaging spiritually for us. At the same time though God used this marriage of mine as my wilderness wandering. It has made me have a close relationship with God now

Stephen Gola rightly says in his book that even if you marry a fellow born again believer, they may be carnally minded and will drag you down just the same. So that still qualifies as being unequally yoked together.

August 11, 2011
The Word has SO much more to say about relationships, marriage and divorce than most realize. I applaud Gola for taking on such a controversial issue - one TOTALLY dominated and used by Satan- and writing what is obviously inspired by the Holy Spirit. It finally offered a scriptural explanation for many things the Lord had been teaching me in the Spirit. It helped to put a "why" with so many important topics. Absolutely life-saving!